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Why choose Arbor Park Child Care?

Our graduates have gone on to institutions such as:

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Georgetown University
  • Cornell University
  • Spellman College
  • State University of New York
  • Morgan State University
  • The Culinary Institute
  • Clark Atlanta University
  • Alfred University
  • The Culinary Institute
  • Clark Atlanta University
  • Maria College
  • Hudson Valley Community Colleges
  • Schenectady Community Colleges
  • US Armed Forces

We are a dependable and affordable center with a nurturing environment, which provides individual, developmentally appropriate instruction based on Creative Curriculum (research-based instruction). We offer family resource services and support programs designed with 21st century skills, school readiness and New York State Certified Instruction. We provide a specialized infant care (6 weeks to 18 months) program as well as inclusive Toddler and Preschool Classes. Our center is one of few child care centers selected by the City School District of Albany to provide Universal Prekindergarten programming, to ensure children receive an excellent educational beginning to enter school ready for success.

In over 32 years of serving the community, we have graduated approximately 7,000 children and 1,800 families.

Our Mission

The mission of the Arbor Park Child Care Center, Inc. is to provide a loving, caring, healthy and safe learning environment for our children. Our day is structured to provide a balance of child-centered, hands-on and engaging activities, which focus on the development of the whole child.


Arbor Park Child Care Center, Inc. (APCC) has provided NYS licensed quality child care for moderate to low- income children, ages 6 weeks to five years and their families in the Arbor Hill and surrounding Communities of Albany, New York. In operation for 32 years, we are proud to have served over 7,000 children and 1,800 families.

APCC has been rated five Quality Stars from NYS OCFS- the highest rating for licensed child care centers. The agency provides Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) approved breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack through the NYS Department of Health


Our program staff provide a welcoming and supportive environment for parents. We whole-heartedly recognize and embrace parents as a child’s first teacher and best advocate. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend Center activities and field trips and to discuss their child’s progress. We support families by helping to identify and secure community resources and we offer workshops to enhance parenting skills. Arbor Park Child Care Center is committed to support and to empower parents and their children.

We are an equal opportunity center, providing services without regard to race, color, creed or national origin. or sexual orientation.

Teaching, Learning and Play

Infinitely Infants

Unique to Albany, our “infant care” starts at six weeks through eighteen months. The program has the ability to provide exceptional care to children of parents who might need a little extra support. Infants receive individual attention with activities that promote cognitive, language, gross/fine motor development and social emotional development; as well as care and love to soothe each child whenever they feel discomfort.

Toddler Care

Toddlers are provided a day full of rich activities that allow each child to gain autonomy with the security of an adult close by; self-care activities to practice; language enrichment; support to cope with separation and making new attachments; activities that help children learn how to wind down and soothe themselves; support on getting along with others while preserving self- esteem; and gross/fine motor play.

Creative Curriculum

Our Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten program focuses on supporting student growth in the following key developmental domains:

  • Approaches to Learning
  • Physical Development and Health
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Cognition and Knowledge of the World

Our center is a collaborating partner with the City School District of Albany, providing a high quality developmentally appropriate prekindergarten program that aligns to the NYS prekindergarten standards Here.


Arbor Park Child Care Center, offers the latest in computer technology. Software capabilities include Eight Young Explorer Computer Systems, loaded with the Edmark Early Learning Series programs several iPads, tablets and a variety of interactive technologies. Monitored Internet access makes computer, aided learning, deliberate while being fun.

The center provides computer skills training, readiness for reading, writing and mathematics, utilizing computers and iPads in strategically placed workstations. Our goal is to ensure that children will be ready for the technology world of the future.

Creative Curriculum

We are in the process of implementing Creative Curriculum. Our Infant and Toddler Curriculum is focused on the following components:

  • Social-Emotional Development : To learn about self and others - trusts known, caring adults, regulates own behavior, plays with other children, learns to be a member of a group, and uses personal care skills.
  • Physical Development : To learn about moving - demonstrates basic gross motor skills, demonstrates basic fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive Development : To learn about the world - sustains attention, understands how objects can be used, shows a beginning understanding of cause and effect, shows a beginning understanding that things can be grouped, uses problem solving strategies, engages in pretend play.
  • Language Development : To learn about communicating - develops receptive language, develops expressive language, participates in conversations, understands and uses words, enjoys books and being read to, shows an awareness of pictures and print, experiments with drawing and writing.

Our Program

  • Engages children in language rich conversations by introducing new and rare words they may not typically encounter and the use of descriptive language that encourages children to reflect on their knowledge of the world.
  • Teaches phonological awareness through games, stories, rhymes and songs to teach rhyming, alliteration, (words that start with the same sound), sound matching with pictures and words and enriching story telling.
  • Incorporates activities and experiences that provide opportunities for critical thinking, decision making and problem solving.
  • Supports emergent reading through library centers, dramatic play, and self-help activities.
  • Provides shared book experiences matching pictures to print, left to right, sequencing by reading favorite stories recognized for their language richness.
  • Encourages children to use investigation skills to gather information, experiment, and to express what they have learned.
  • Provides enriching activities that build comprehension skills and provides opportunities to develop and strengthen numeric skills.


As part of our continued work with Albany Promise, we will be implementing Teaching Strategies GOLD, a research based, developmentally appropriate assessment system aligned with the City School District of Albany. We will be monitoring our children’s development through the stages, ensuring that each child’s individual needs are met to promote their continued progress along the developmental continuum.


Most of our staff has been working in the child care field for more than twenty years. Their innate sense of nurturing and caring is the foundation for our highly committed staff. Our training meet licensing requirements and staff are trained in first aid and CPR. We have a strong commitment to professional development, to stay current with research in the early childhood field, and to modify our practices to best support children and families. The majority of our staff have attended the trainings focusing on the Early Learning Guidelines offered through our connection and collaboration with Albany Promise for the past two years. The center also employs a registered nurse.


Arbor Park Child Care Center, Inc., is a non-profit, tax exempt 501c-3 agency. Our funders believe in their commitment to support Arbor Park to engage our children in preparation for the future. At Arbor Park Child Care Center, we expect excellence because we are helping to shape our children’s future.

We are supported by parent fees, and the Albany County Department of Social Services, the US Department of Agriculture, the United Way of the Greater Capital Region (UWGCR) and the UWGCR community care fund. Arbor Park Child Care would not be able to provide services for this resource challenged community without the generous funding from these agencies albeit not enough to cover the actual cost of service provision.


You can choose to donate through the UNITED WAY at your place of work, either through the COMMUNITY CARE FUND or designated directly to Arbor Park Child Care Center during the annual UNITED WAY FUND drive.

  • State Employees can designate – SEFA #5000353
  • Federal Employees can designate – CFC #55982

If you wish to contribute directly to ARBOR PARK CHILD CARE CENTER, INC., or call us at (518) 465-8466 for more information.

Arbor Park Child Care Center is currently in its 32nd year of existence. Providing caring and nurturing services to children remains our focus. We are dedicated to serving that need in our community. We gratefully accept contributions made directly to Arbor Park Child Care Center, Inc. We are committed to achieving measureable results with your donation. Our children and program appreciate and need your continued support.

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