Arbor Park Child Care Center’s nurturing environment provides individual and developmentally appropriate instruction that utilizes the Teaching Strategies® Creative Curriculum (i.e., evidence-based instruction). At each level, New York State certified teachers; use quality, comprehensive teaching strategies with precision and clarity, to convey the foundation necessary for kindergarten readiness and 21st Century skill sets.

The Center’s partnership with the City School District of Albany to provide safe, high quality early childcare and early childhood education for Early Universal Pre-Kindergarten ( 3 years of age ) and Universal Pre-Kindergarten ( 4 years of age ). Additionally, programs for infants and toddlers ( 6 weeks to 3 years of age ) are offered.


Arbor Park Child Care Center’s mission is to provide a safe, loving, supportive, nurturing, and culturally relevant environment that responds to the uniqueness of each child. Our mission is grounded in the belief that early childhood is a crucial time for personalized learning experiences that foster the development of socio-emotional and academic skill sets that positively influence life-long learning. Our goal is to help each child realize his/her potential by encouraging the growth of the self-pride and confidence needed to achieve and succeed in both school and life.


Interactional components for all ages of Infant and Toddler curricula include Social , Emotional , Physical , Cognitive & Language Development


  • Age six weeks - eighteen months
  • Safe, developmentally appropriate care
  • Engaged individual attention
  • Promote cognitive, language, motor, and socio-emotional skills
  • Caring approach to uncomfortableness of any kind


  • Developmentally appropriate learning through play activities
  • Autonomous activities within secure boundaries
  • Establishing positive relationships and self-esteem
  • Language enrichment & Improve gross/fine motor skills
  • Increase self-regulation & decrease high emotional states


  • Early & Universal Pre-Kindergarten
  • High quality, developmentally appropriate programs
  • Quality child centered instructional practices


  • Computer aided learning both educational and exciting
  • Computer skills instruction & monitored Internet access
  • Readiness for reading, writing and mathematics
  • Prepartion for the rapidly changing technological world
  • iPads, tablets, laptops, and a variety of interactive technologies


The Center is committed to supporting and to empowering parents and their children in multiple ways.

At the Center, to render the learning experiences richer and more meaningful for the children, parents and teachers work as partners. Teachers and staff recognize and accept parents as a child’s first educator and advocate. Therefore, Center teachers and staff offer parents a welcoming open-door policy and environment.

Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in all Center activities, field trips, and to discuss their child’s progress with teachers and staff. Teacher-parent discussions not only facilitate ongoing communication, they also allow dedicated time to discuss their child’s progress in terms of academic skills, socio-emotional, behavioral, and physical health and how they can continue to work together to successfully prepare the child for the next developmental and behavioral challenges. This dedicated time provides positive and meaningful parental experiences that contribute to their supporting their child’s learning and achievement.

Given that young children’s development and learning are highly dependent on their relationships and environments, positive teacher- parent relationships observed by children, transfer to their classroom behaviors. Another positive outcome of parent-teacher relationships is the assistance families receive with the identification of and suggested approaches to community resources that meet their needs.